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There's been a huge change in how we understand what health means and how to best help people with their health.


I'm not the boss of what's best for you, you are. Women are not the same as men, so much of the old research just doesn't apply - and some of the new stuff doesn't either. Health isn't just about getting the right dose-for-weight of a medication, it's about our whole life.

Not every corner of the internet, and not every health practitioner, has quite kept up with the changes. But I make it my business to keep up as best I can, and to keep in mind that we are people, not just a list of symptoms to box into a diagnosis.

Estrogen and our many other hormones have powerful effects on the human body at many life stages, and I offer guidance to help navigate what often feels like a hormonal rollercoaster.


If life has "blessed" you with a troublesome bladder or uterus, I've got good modern advice about that, too.

I'm not particularly subtle. I talk about vaginas and bowel movements. I deal in reality. I find information backed by research, and share it in a practical style so that you can understand your health situation and feel in control.

Here are a few of my current credentials... I'm kind of obsessed with education. I also do a lot of reading published research papers, but nobody hands out certificates for that :)

Hi, I'm Allison.

I'm an Aussie-trained & registered Physiotherapist with public hospital and private practice experience.


I spend a ridiculous amount of time doing professional training and reading research, so my information is up-to-date even though my degree has clocked up a quarter-century.

Information provided by Forecast Wellness is intended to be educational. It is not intended to provide medical advice and does not replace advice from your health practitioner.

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