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Early Postnatal Guide

Got something for you!

(And I don't want your money, either.)

Already know what I'm on about and just want the link? HERE

I thought I'd put together a brief guide to being a newborn Mother in the first few days. As you can see from the contents page, it didn't turn out exactly brief. Considering how much is going on when someone has a baby, it can't be brief!

Each of the sections, though, is short and easily digestible.

This ebook would be best for pregnant people - or perhaps someone who hopes to help out a new Mama when the baby arrives.

There is WAY too much to think about after the baby arrives, so it's best to get this sort of information beforehand.

This little guide gives an overview of many aspects of the first few days of recovering from childbirth - and how to deal with them. Childbirth, whether it's vaginal or ceasarian, is a major physical event. It's also an enormous hormonal and emotional event, so there's a lot going on.

In case you can't read the contents page in the image, here's a text version:




- Diastasis p9

- How to Get Up With Less Strain on the Tummy Muscles p10


- Cuts and Tears p13

- Other things that Effect the Bladder or Pelvic Floor p14

- Comfort after delivery p15

- Bladder or Bowel Issues p17

- Easing Early Bowel Movements p18

- Pelvic Floor Exercises: p20



- Two ways to help mood and hormone recovery: p25

- More than a bit down? p26



I'll tell you straight up, the Centrelink & Medicare info is not a magic solution to dealing with government agencies. But it does have links to specific web pages that have useful information to get you started. These, in my opinion, are not easy to find!

I wrote this guide based on my physio experience, a bunch of recent professional education courses, and a few hazy memories of my own experiences having babies. (I had two - singles, not twins. They're both taller than me now.)

It's a pdf file, which means it should work on most devices - desktops, tablets etc.

Did I mention it's a free download?

Well, there is one cost. I would like to build my email list (that's, like, the thing to do these days), so I'm going to ask you to put an email address into a form. Because my online presence is fairly new, I need to build some credibility - and I want all the work I put into writing up information to reach more people! To do that, I have to be in contact with more people.

Once you put the email in and click the "I Want In" button, you will get transferred to the document page. No waiting for an email with a link.

Pop in your email address, click the button, and it takes you to the downloadable file.


Full disclosure: you will then get emails from Forecast Wellness. You should get my welcome series (it's 3 emails) and then, each Friday, the weekly newsletter.

If you are already on my email list, just go ahead and put the same email address into the form. It will take you to the download, and you will just keep getting the usual Friday email as normal. (I got someone in my newsletter list to test that to make sure!)

The newsletter has health info in it. Except for one recently, which had a recipe for cashew dip. (That stuff is fabulous.) When I say health info, I mean things like "you get similar benefits from taking iron tablets once a week as from taking them every day". I do NOT mean "buy this so-called health product so I get a commission".

If this seems like a fair deal to you, here's where you go to sign up and get the email link:


If not, simply enjoy the blog - I'm getting quite a collection of posts up now :)

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Information provided on this site is intended to be educational. It isn’t intended to provide medical advice and does not replace advice from your health practitioner.