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This is your home for reliable health knowledge with no fads, no celebrity-inspired nonsense, and absolutely no "this trick fixed me so it will fix everyone". Our focus is on Postnatal, Perimenopausal and Menopausal health and wellness.

You are not the only woman on earth whose problems are NOT instantly solved by apple cider vinegar, or organic matcha protein balls, or whatever the latest wellness #miraclecure happens to be.

There may not be a miracle fruit for all problems, but there is usually helpful information and real-life solutions - if you know where to look.

You can look to the blog for answers on bladder problems, vaginal health, and healthy activity to stay strong and well. There's some hormonal health info there too, with a lot more to come.

Scroll further down the page for links to the latest blog posts. New articles are added weekly!

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Knowledge We Offer
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What to Expect

AFTER Expecting

A free downloadable ebook (pdf) is now available.

Who is this guide for?

  • A pregnant woman planning ahead.

  • Someone who hopes to be useful to a new Mama after a baby arrives.

This guide outlines what to expect, and some options for dealing with this challenging time.


It's about the mother - who sometimes gets forgotten while everyone (including herself) is focused on a new baby.

For more information, click below.


Wellness in the crazy new life that will arrive along with your baby.

Fitness after Pregnancy

Active wellness as your body recovers from pregnancy.

Online or live course dates will be added when available. 
This course is suitable for pregnant women who are planning ahead, as well as for women who have already delivered.
Finding your life after pregnancy (hint - it's not exactly the one you had before!) can be full of questions. What's going on in my body, and when will it feel normal? What activities are safe, and when? Can I return to my previous exercise choices, or new ones? Can I run, or lift weights, or ride horses? What about diastasis, and my pelvic floor, and what's up with my feet?
Get answers, because your health matters.


Wellness for women planning ahead

Course dates will be added when available.

The hormonal changes that lead us toward menopause typically start in our mid thirties. Armed with knowledge we can plan, prepare, and manage our health.


Lasting Strength and Wellness

Course dates will be added when available.

The effects of menopause are broad and sometimes not well understood, even by medical science. Join this course for information on dealing with sneaky side-effects, and taking control of keeping yourself strong and well.

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